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Sarah Zaman

 The world over, states and societies have taken special care to conserve and preserve the shared legacies and repositories of knowledge that represent their cultural values. These serve as a context for identity, evolution and growth. The purpose and function of museums is to serve as these very same repositories, so that succeeding generations do not lose sight of who they are, even as they head into the future. For, as innovations give birth to newer ideas and styles and genres, legacies and repositories of classical knowledge need not be sacrificed or erased at the altar of Change. Self-respecting nations have not only successfully and aggressively preserved their heritages, physically, but also made them accessible globally, through Virtual (Museum) Spaces, which act as portals to inter-cultural dialogue, for the global community, to better understand their cultures and know who they are. This virtual exhibit is an attempt to fulfill multiple objectives; the aim was not just to document, preserve and archive our Classical, Musical Tradition and to make it accessible to the public, but also to recognize and acknowledge the five-thousand-year-old Musical Art tied to the very soil of Pakistan. It holds within it the tools for in-depth analysis for measures of Space and Time, carefully transmitted across millennia by the bearers of this Knowledge. It has not only always been a medium for intricate, delicate expression, but contains within it the very means to self-realization of the essence that is inherent to all Humankind.

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Film production and direction of the film “The Essence”

Najam Hussain Syed
Risham Hussain Syed
Huma safdar & Farjad nabi
Selection of poetry from Punjabi Sufi (Lok) tradition

Asma Qadri


Dr. Zahra Amir Shah PHD


Richard K. Wolf Professor of Music and South Asian Studies Harvard University


Ali Ayub


Ata Ul Haye


Allaudin Chuhan


Ali Zafar


Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Artist For Ilm e Mosiqui Logo (Geometry)

Waleed Zaman

Translation /Transcription

Bilal zaman


Akram Waraich

Collaborator Artist

Surraya Multanikar Sahiba (Artist)Delhi gharana

Compilation of data and research Assisstance

Aliya Rasheed and Rahat Multanikar (daughters)

Artist, Rababi Tradition , Research Assistant , Collaborator

Saleema khwaja

Artist Collaborator

Nawab Ali Hiader of Kasur (Patrons Of Genre “Sarodh”)


Nusrat Qawal and Party Kasur

Research Assistant ,Transcription

Farazeh Syed

Collaborator and Researcher

Assistance in media

Collaborator For Archives


Saarey Music, Collaborator For Archives

Faraan Irfan


Nasiruddin Sami


Noor Zehra Kazim

Research Collaborator

Paras Sahib

Collaborator / Artist

Ustad Ghulam Khusrau

Research Assistance / Transcriber

Farazae Saeed


Ustad Saddique

Tabla Nawaz




Subtitles in English

Munib Irfan


Rashid Malik(late)

Traditional Fresco and Calligraphist

Ustad Saddiq

Assistance in Media


Collaborator, Designed charts for Tabla Thaikas

Ustad Sajjad Husain

Graphic Design

Hamdan Jan



Videographer & Editor

Asad Saeed Butt

Video Editor

Faraz Butt

Layout design and Research Assistance in Media

Amna Khalid

Technical Support,Presentation Making & Data Organization

Sameed Ahmed

Data Transcription & Data Organization

Soophia Shahid

Sound Recording and Technical Support

Irfan Ahmad

Technical Support



Saira Francis


Alina Hamid

Volunteer Coordinator

Omar Zaman

Volunteer Coordinator

Saad Mustafa (Post Graduate In Musicology)

Vocalist at the Exhibition of Virtual Museum at NCA

Recitation from Quran e Kareem

Master Vocalist

Ustad Ghulam Khusrau

Durood o Salam

Meher Rafi

Accompanying Vocalists (Male)

Faraz Butt, Haseeb chishti

Accompanying Vocalists (Female)

Zahra Faraz, Saleema Khawaja, Zainab Khawaja, Farazeh Syed Risham Hussain Syed Zainab, Shah Nashmia Haroom Mosail Syed, Fatima Chishti,

Master Vocalist

Ustad Ghulam Khusrau

Geometry drawing

Waleed Zaman

Logo Design

Menahil Butt Freelance graphic designer

Logo Animation

Hamdan Jan Khan Head of visual communication design Kayseria

Collaborator and research

Hassan Raza


Dr Farzana