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Some Famous Rababis From Punjab

  1. Bhai Agha Faiz (Birth 1880 – 1930)
  2. Teachers : Bhai Lal Muhammad. Jatha formed with Bhai Inayat (Sitar) and Bhai Naseera (Pakhawaj).
  1. Bhai Boora (1870- 1937) (Actual name Bhai Muhammad Abdullah, descedants of Bhai Babak, the dhadhi musician of Guru Har Gobind Sahib). Teachers : Bhai Mali (father), Wazir Khan Beenkar of Rampur & Fateh Ali Khan Karnail. He use to sing with his brother Bhai Roora.

3 Ustad Ghulam Hussain Khan (1923 – 1997), was son of Bhai Rura, performed extensively on radio and was a classical musician of high merits, was trained in the patiala gharana tradition like his father and was also taught by ashiq ali and akhtar hussain of patiala.

  1. Bhai Rura (Actual name Turab Ali khan, died in 1941) . One of the most famous and melodious singer of his time, inspired Bade Ghulam Ali khan sahib as well.
  1. Bhai Sain Ditta (Unknown – 1932)

Teacher : Bhai Khaira (Father)

Teacher at Khalsa Yatimkhana from 1914 – 1932, taught Bhai Santa Singh, Bhai Naseera, Bhai Desa (Son)

  Bhai Lal Muhammad (1887 – 1962)

Teacher : Bhai Ata Muhammad (Father), Bhai Mehboob Ali Sitar nawaz of Kapurthala & Pandit Bhaskar Rao.

Taught : Alamgir Khan Amritsari, Nathoo khan Sarangi, Sufi Khuda Bux Amritsari, Bhai Agha Faiz, Bhai Desa, Bhai Firoz, Muhammad Ali Faridi, Agha Bashir, Santoo Qawwal, Akhtar Hussain,

  1. Bhai Chaila (1895 – 1983)


  1. Bhai Naseera (1902 – 1964)

Teacher : Chirag Bhai, Bhai Ameera.

Born  at Chowk Passian, Amritsar.


  1. Bhai Moti Khan, use to sing with and was trained by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan of Patiala. Father of Sain Akhtar Hussain, Mumtaz Karbalai, Babu Niyaz Ali, Master Ejaz Ali & Nazar Hussain. All these singers cut 78rpms.
  1. Bhai Khushiya was a famous rababi and father of Rasheed Attre, the famous music director.
  1. Munir Hussain was greatson of Bhai Rura and a famous film singer.
  1. Hamid Ali Bela belonged to Kalor Sahib and migrated after patition.
  1. Master Ghulam Haider born in Shikarpur and lived in Lahore, introduced Noor Jahan, Lata and Shamshad Begum to film industry.

Other Notable Rababis

  1. Hameed (Film music director), Abdus Salam Tari (Tabla), Safdar Hussain (Film music director), Wazir Afzal (Film music director), Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan (Classical musician)

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